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is the chance that senator rubio's office gives marco rubio supporting a conference meeting. the immigration bill with a more limited bill that might come out of the house. rubio spokesman said we are recognizing the reality that the house will not pass immigration reform. this time the only approach that has a chance of success is to focus on the aspects of reform on which there is a consensus through a series of individual bills. rubio is saying if there is a dummy bill out of the house that would force a conference commito to get the bill passed, he would not support his own bill. next up, $24 million is how much money outside groups have spent either for or against all the folks running for governor or state legislature in the state of new jersey. they said that's a record amount for the exlection that will likely see chris christie cruising to a second term. remember between new york and philly it's expensive to run ads in the garden state. a lot of money for an election we know is going on. next up, 45 is the margin that makes chris christie jealous. how many points bill deblasio has i
's immigration, people know i think in a sense with both sides they came here to get something done. there may be others that did not. i think there many of us who get it. the public is saying stop this. cut it out. we want you to stop and get things done. that's what this is about. i can't think of anything that would impact more people right now to improving quality of life than to pass the mental health act that touches every single family in the united states. >> senator blunt, i want to put up a poll number that we had overall. that is, is it working well? 6% say it is. it needs minor modifications and 28% should be eliminated and 24%. i want to focus on the fact that we have 66% of the respondents want major or minor fixes to the law. they don't want it repealed. where are ow this? are you somebody who said maybe it's time for republican fist they don't like the law to offer up ways to fix it? >> i think the major or minor fixes means we have a good health care system that was not working perfectly that could have been and needed to be changed. that is the major fixes to the law. how do
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)